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English: 101 - Lozada

English 101 - College Reading & Composition I

English 101 is a reading and composition course designed to prepare students to handle a wide range of college writing assignments and to acquire the analytic skills necessary for effective academic preparation. Stress is placed on the organization and composition of objective expository and argumentative essays, including the research paper.


  • What is an equity gap that schools don’t seem to be addressing?
  • What can Harbor College do to bridge that equity gap?What is an equity gap that schools don’t seem to be addressing?
  • What can Harbor College do to bridge that equity gap?

Supporting Your Essay


Have a clear understanding of the terms you are using. Be consistent throughout your essay in your understanding of their meaning.

  • Gale, CQ Researcher (look for Reference sources), Books about equity (look in the introductions or preface)

Understanding the Debate and Issues

You may know what a term means, but you might not understand what the debate is about and what the controversial issues are.

  • CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints

Building your argument

Once you have gained understanding of the terms and issues, you will gather, read, and incorporate more complex resources, such as research studies and scholarly analysis.

  • ERIC
  • Professional Development Collection
  • Books about equity

Recommended Search terms

  • equity
  • equity and education
  • equity and college
  • equity and higher education
  • equity and diversity
  • equity not equality 

Assignment Requirements

Type: Research Essay

Length: 10-12 page

Citation Format: MLA

Required Sources: 4-5 Sources

Example Sources:

Articles Academic/Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine
Books Print, eBook, Reference
Media Video, Audio, Image
Miscellaneous Personal Interview



Navigate to the Find Articles tab and view the Databases by Subject page.

Recommended Subject Databases Collections:

  • Interdisciplinary


Navigate to the Find Books tab and use the library catalog search box. 


Connect to the catalog by viewing the books below:

  1. Click on the blue link or image to open the item record in the library catalog. Take note of the school location, call number, and status
  2. To find similar books, click on Catalog Record and look at the Subject Terms to see how the item was cataloged. 
  3. Click on the Subject Term to navigate to items cataloged with that term and view results. 

To begin a new search after viewing a book, click Search/Home on the top left bar.