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English: 101 - Savard - American Dream

English 101 - College Reading & Composition I

English 101 is a reading and composition course designed to prepare students to handle a wide range of college writing assignments and to acquire the analytic skills necessary for effective academic preparation. Stress is placed on the organization and composition of objective expository and argumentative essays, including the research paper.

Research Topic


Respond based on what you feel the elements of this American Dream are. They could be a job, education, a house, medical care, safety, liberty. Your thesis should reflect the elements you feel are part of the American Dream. Your definition must have relevant examples, explanations, comparisons, descriptions, or factual support. Further, explore the causes and effects of recent events that may support either your definition or the opposition’s definition of “American Dream.”  

Citation Format - MLA



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  • American dream
  • home ownership
  • housing
  • higher education
  • economy
    • economics
    • consumption
  • motion pictures
    • films
    • movies
    • media
  • equality
  • democracy
  • politics
  • government
  • success
  • mobility
  • immigrants
  • middle class
  • attitude
  • entrepreneurship
  • capitalism
  • advertising
    • marketing
  • policy
  • culture
  • poverty
  • quality of life
  • business
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