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Library Instruction Session (LIS)


We offer Library Instruction Sessions (LIS) tailored to your class assignment, generally scheduled during your class meeting time. To schedule one, please complete the LIS Request Form by clicking on the link below. The LIS takes place

  • on the second floor of the library in the LLRC building, room # 223 unless otherwise requested
  • online, through a synchronous Zoom session

LIS Request Form 


Library Success Tour (LST) (enrolled students, counseling courses)


This is a non-specific research assignment based library tour focusing on student success, research sources, and career support. It will begin in the LLRC lobby as a walking tour and end in the library classroom with an interactive computer demo (LLRC #223). 

Library Success Tour Form


Course (Research) Guides


We offer Subject Guides for each discipline in order for students to effectively conduct research. Within these Subject Guides there are Course Guides that pertain to the course assignment. Course Guides provide a layout of library resources that will be helpful to the student. If you want your course guide to contain self-paced library tutorials for your students to submit for participation credit, select that option on the form. 

 This is suitable to submit when a live workshop will not take place with a librarian but when an instructor wants library support for their students. 

Course Guide Request Form

Example Course Guide

LLRC Outreach Tour (prospective students)


An outreach tour is ideal for proving college tours to local learning institutions, organizations, and community members.

The tour will include in-person information from the library, math lab, writing lab, and tutoring. 

LLRC Outreach Tour


LLRC Computer Request Form (1st floor computer pod)


Submit this form to reserve computers for your students in the LLRC first floor area during your class time.

The computer pod allows instructors to work 1:1 or together as a class, have students get acquainted with studying in a library, and immediate access to a librarian at the Reference Desk.

Location: LLRC 1st floor, desktop computers.

LLRC Computer Request Form

Consider reserving the Presentation Room at the same time if you need a place to demo computer instructions to students with a projector screen. The Presentation Room is located in very close proximity to the LLRC computers, making it convenient to walk back and forth. The room has a computer, projector screen, whiteboard, and tables/chairs. 


Presentation Room


Located on the first floor of the LLRC, the room is ideal for instructional sessions or practice presentations.

Faculty, staff, and students may reserve this room. The Presentation Room is located in very close proximity to the LLRC computers, making it convenient to walk back and forth to demonstrate a task on the computer using the projector, then having students complete the task on the computers that are located just outside the room, on the LLRC computers. 

The room is equipped with a podium, a large wall display screen and projector that connects to your personal laptop or to the built-in PC, a white board and markers, and 5 tables with 4 chairs each. Dry-erase markers and erasers are available at the Circulation desk.

Reserve the Presentation Room


Zero Textbook Cost & Low Cost Textbook Classes


Access to free and low cost learning materials in various formats. View the guide for more information.

A Guide to Zero Textbook Cost (OER) & Low Cost Textbook Classes

If you have questions after viewing the guide above, submit this form: ZTC-OER & LTC - Faculty Requests

A Student Guide to Registering for Zero Textbook Cost & Low Cost Textbook Classes


PrepSTEP & Canvas


This guide will educate you on the contents and benefits of PrepSTEP, along with providing the steps to integrate within Canvas for your course.

PrepSTEP & Canvas Guide


Reserve Materials


The Library does not purchase textbooks.

Many instructors lend a copy of the current semester's text or an acceptable earlier edition for student use in the library. 

If you would like to participate in this service, please complete the Course Reserve Request form.

Checkout periods may be designated from 2 hours to 3 days.

Library Reserve Request Form


Special Programs & Services (SPS)


Students may submit this form to request accessibility for a library item. 

The item will be emailed to the student in PDF format within 24 hours.  

Accessibility Request Form




Canvas has many practical alternatives to Course Reserves. Check out their FAQ to learn more.

Suggest a Purchase


The library invites faculty, staff, and students to use this form to recommend books and other materials to add to our library collection. Every request will be considered.

Suggest a Purchase