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PrepSTEP & Canvas: Why Should I use PrepSTEP in my Course?

What's PrepSTEP?

PrepSTEP is an online platform that builds academic success and preparation for today’s workplace. 


Þ Subject specific tutorials, practice tests, eBooks, & flashcards

Þ Perfect for supporting AB 705

Þ Great addition to your course as an OER

Þ Different learning modes—practice, timed, & self-paced with answers

Þ Fun and user friendly

Learning Centers:

  • Core Math and Science Skills 
  • Core English Skills 
  • College Success Skills
  • Career Preparation
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Placement Test Preparation
  • Grad School Admissions Preparation (ACT & SAT)
  • Spanish Center (Recursos Para Hispanohablante)‚Äč

Learner Mode allows you to view the answers to test questions as you go along, to help you study.

*Practice Mode allows you to take a timed test, but if the timer runs out you are not prevented from completing the test. The timer is intended to help you pace yourself in preparation for real testing situations.

Simulation Mode matches the timing you will find on your official examination; you will not be able to complete the test once the time is up.

*For the Canvas integration, the test(s) are always in practice mode but the timer will not be enforced.

Grading Options

There are two grading methods for using PrepSTEP

1. Automatic - using the Canvas integration

2. Manual - Usage Reports (no Canvas integration)


PrepSTEP integration in Canvas is currently unavailable. This will hopefully change to be available again by Spring 2022. Please email for more information. In the meantime, use the Usage Reports instead - Manual Grading tab on this guide for an alternative method for using PrepSTEP in your course. 

Explore PrepSTEP before Integrating in Canvas

Students and faculty can access PrepSTEP the following ways:

1. View the list of library databases and go directly to PrepSTEP.

2. View the PrepSTEP guide on how to create an account etc... then connect to PrepSTEP.

Should you create a PrepSTEP account?

  • To use PrepSTEP as a library database, students should create an account.
    • It will keep track of their progress and give recommendations for further tutoring/tutorials that will assist in their education.
  • When integrating PrepSTEP with Canvas, a single login is used.
    • Students do not need to create a separate account for PrepSTEP when using it in your Canvas course.
    • When they login to Canvas, they will automatically be logged into PrepSTEP and can work on the assigned task.
  • If students access PrepSTEP using both methods, their accounts will not be connected.