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Los Angeles Harbor College Library

Library Science Courses

Library Research Methods - 101

‚ÄčThis is a practical course in the use of libraries in general and academic libraries in particular. The student will learn efficient use of library resources, in both print and computer form, for researching information for class assignments and papers, and for personal use. Skills acquired will be of life-long benefit.

  • Online and Face-to-face
  • UC:CSU 
  • 1 Unit


How to add an online class

To add an online class after the registration deadline, follow these steps after contacting the professor:

Option #1: Bring an add slip to the instructor then take it to the Admissions window to submit your request.

Option #2: 

1. Send an email to the instructor using your address

2. In the email subject line write:  Add Online Class Request (name of class)

3. In the body of the email, provide the following information:

  •          Name
  •          Student ID
  •          Name and Section of class
  •          Semester/Year (example: Fall 2016)
  •          The following wording: "I (name of student) request to be added to (name of class, section #) and this email serves as a substitute for my signature on the ADD slip."

4. You must only use your email address to request an ADD to an online class  (Admissions will not process a request lacking the LACCD email address).

  •          If the instructor approves your request to add the class, your email will be sent to Admissions with approval.
  •          Please check your class schedule to confirm whether you have been added to the requested online class.