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Psychology: 010 - Galvan - Online Dating

Psychology 010 - Behavioral Research Methods

This course is an introduction to research design and statistical analysis for the behavioral sciences with a focus on the application of the philosophy of science and the scientific method. Students learn to design and conduct research, analyze data using descriptive and inferential statistics, and report results using the American Psychological Association format. The hands-on approach to this course exposes students to the challenges and skills involved in actively participating on a research team while conducting their own independent research projects.

Research Topic


Online Dating

  • Two specific variables
Citation Format - APA



Search Strategies


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Use OneSearch to locate various types of resources

  1. Type your search term in the box then click, Search. 
  2. Use the Refine Results menu on the left side of the search results page to narrow or expand your search.
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Research Guides

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  • online dating
    • dating
    • matchmaking (matchmaker)
    • singles events
    • computer love
    • personality test
  • courtship
    • courting
    • traditional roles
    • etiquette
    • communication skills
  • relationships
    • disposable relationships
  • love
    • true love
    • chemistry
    • romance
  • apps
    • algorithm
    • dating sites (websites)
  • generational divide
  • image management
    • online profile
    • online reputation
  • Aesthetic grooming
  • pros/cons
    • effective/ineffective
    • danger
    • strangers
    • scammers/criminals
    • genuine
    • disappointment
    • false hope
    • background checks
  • compare/contract
    • different cultures view on dating/courtship
    • purpose of relationships to certain cultures
    • definition of love in various cultures
    • generational differences
    • politics & economy
  • influence/persuasion
    • popular films about online dating
    • social media
    • friends/family, coworkers
    • pressure
    • stress
    • expectations
    • sex
    • boundaries
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