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PrepSTEP & Canvas: Usage Reports - Manual Grading

Step 1: Explore PrepSTEP

1. View the list of library databases and go directly to PrepSTEP.

2. Create a PrepSTEP account

3. Identify the items you want to assign to your students

Step 2: Contact a Librarian

1. Email stating you want to use PrepSTEP in your course and include the following:

  • Course details (semester, name, section number)
  • PrepSTEP item(s) you will be assigning to your students

2. Wait for a reply email containing an instructor registration link, which will allow you to easily grade and view student progress. 

3. Include PrepSTEP information on your syllabus

Step 3: Students

1. Students must create an account

Form details:

  • Student ID - optional but recommended (it might assist in faster grading)
  • Course Section # - should not be used


Creating an account will provide students with the opportunity to: 

  • Use PrepSTEP as a library database
  • Complete course assignments
  • Keep track of their progress and give recommendations for further tutoring/tutorials that will assist in their education

Step 4: Grading

1. Navigate to the registration link

2. Complete the registration form

  • For the last field - Select User Role, select Other. 



3. View student progress and completion by doing the following:

  • The most common type of report may be generated from the Library Reports section
  • Choose from these options according to your grading needs
  • Click on the title of the report you want to generate




4. If you assigned Job/Career tasks, click on the title of the report you want to generate



5. Locate the Report Details box on the top right of the webpage

6. Input the criteria to match your course

  • Start Date 
  • End Date
  • Consortium - default
  • Institution - default

7. Click your preferred report method - Run Report or Download CSV

  • If you click Run Report, you may need to click it one more time when the next page opens.
  • Click Download CSV if that is what you prefer