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Citations - APA: Works in a Foreign Language

Sources in a Foreign Language

Reference List

To cite a source in a foreign language in your References list, follow the citation template for your source and add the English translation of the title after the original title. For example:

Johnson, M. (2020, 1). La réalité virtuelle pour transformer le télétravail [Virtual reality to transform telelwork]. L'Actualité. Retrieved from

In-Text Paraphrase

Considering that the translation can vary if you translate the information yourself or with the help of an app, APA recommends treating the translation as a paraphrase instead of a quote. APA also recommends adding the location of the information (e.g., page number or paragraph number) to make it easier for the reader to locate it. For example:

(Johnson, 2020, para. 3)

More information on Citing Your Own Translations

This guide is used/adapted with the permission of Seneca College Libraries.