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Statistics: 001 - Galvan - Mindfullness

Statistics 001 - Elementary Statistics 1 for the Social Sciences

Introduces fundamental tools of quantitative methods in research: data collection, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation. Attention is given to tabulation, graphic presentation of data, measure of central tendency, variability, the normal curve, probability and statistical inference, linear correlation and research methods.


Image result for mindfulness

Mind Full, or Mindful? image from: "Mindfulness." University of Michigan, Health Services, 2019.


Broad Topic: gender stereotypes

Narrow Topic: gender differences in mindfulness

Use your collected data to create an APA style paper.

Research Review

Navigate to the library homepage:

Search All - search the library catalog and databases at the same time.

Databases - search for database by name or view the A-Z list for database descriptions

Periodicals - search for a specific periodical (journals, magazines, newspapers) by name or view them grouped by subject. 

Research Guides - search for your course and view the research guide


Refine your results using the menu on the left side of the search results page. 

  • Change the publication date range if needed


Do you need ideas on where to take your research, how to narrow your topic, or what to focus on?

  • Explore the Subject Terms by clicking Show More


Assignment Requirements

View the research prompt provided by your instructor for detailed information.

Type: Research Paper 

Citation Format: APA

Required Sources: at least seven peer-reviewed journal articles


Example Sources:

Articles Academic/Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine
Books Print, eBook, Reference
Media Video, Audio, Image
Miscellaneous Personal Interview



Navigate to the library homepage and use the Books tab to search the catalog. 


Connect to the catalog by viewing the books below:

  1. Click on the blue link or image to open the item record in the library catalog. Take note of the college location, call number, and status
  2. To find similar books, click on Detailed Record and look at the Subject Terms to see how the item was cataloged. 
    • Click on the Subject Term to navigate to items cataloged with that term and view results. 

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