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Biology: 101 - Yoder


This is the first course of a three-course lecture and laboratory sequence for Biology majors. It includes the scientific method, cell structure and function, organisms at and above the cellular level of organization, as well as morphology, systematics, ecology, and behavior. This course prepares students entering the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, veterinary medicine,
among others.


List of potential topics

  • Evolution of the dog family and/or the dog

  • Evolution of cats and/or the cat family

  • Evolution of  primates, including humans.

  • Evolution of the mammals.

  • Evolution of the birds.

  • Human anatomy and physiology, and its evolution.

  • Species extinction

  • Species conservation

  • Restoration of species

  • Evolution of sexual behavior

  • Marine species diversity

  • Speciation.

  • Taxonomy

  • Genetic mutations and human diseases

  • Global warming and biodiversity effects

Assignment Requirements

Type: Presentation of an appropriate paper to the class.  

Length: 5 minutes

Required Sources: Popular science nonprofessional magazines or professional journals, 4-6 pages long.

Example Sources:

Articles Academic/Scholarly/Professional, Popular magazines


  • Use the Search All tab on the library homepage to search all the databases at the same time.
    • Sort the results with the Refine Results toolbar on the left side of the results page.​


Subject Specific Databases:

  1. Navigate to the library homepage
  2. Click on the Database tab
  3. Click on LAHC Library Databases
  4. Click on the All Subject drown down box
  5. Click on Earth Science / Global Studies or Health / Medical
  6. Choose your desired database