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Political Science: 001 - Ealy - Court Proceedings

Political Science 001 - The Government Of The United States

This is an introductory course in the principles and problems in the national, state, and local areas.


Research Topic:

Identify the most prominent actors in each instance. Then give a brief history of the court proceedings (if any) and what the results were.  From there, you are to identify any changes in law or policy that happened after these cases. Finally, give your opinion. Do you agree or disagree? Do you feel the case was important? Why or why not? Remember to be as politically correct and inclusive as possible in this paper and avoid emotionally charged language. Save your opinion for the very end. This paper will be 5-8 pages long, APA Style and will be due after Spring Break.

-Mary Kay Letourneau 
-The People vs. Larry Flynt-OJ Simpson
-The 2000 Presidential election
-Loving vs. Virginia-Miranda vs. Arizona
-1985 Senate Hearing involving the Parents Music Resource Center
-David Koresh and the Branch Davidians 
-Anita Hill v. Clarence Thomas
-Gideon v. Wainwright


Assignment Requirements

Type: Research Paper

Length: 5-8 Pages

Citation Format: APA Style



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