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Statistics: 001 - Galvan - Gender & Jealousy

Statistics 001 - Elementary Statistics 1 for the Social Sciences

Introduces fundamental tools of quantitative methods in research: data collection, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation. Attention is given to tabulation, graphic presentation of data, measure of central tendency, variability, the normal curve, probability and statistical inference, linear correlation and research methods.

Research Topic

You are a researcher studying gender stereotypes. Specifically, you want to see if there are gender differences in jealousy. 


Use the Search All tab on the library homepage to search all the databases at the same time; sort the results with the Refine Results toolbar on the left side of the results page.



Navigate to the Find Articles tab and view the Databases by Subject page.

Recommended Subject Databases Collections:

Recommended Search Terms:

  • gender stereotypes
  • gender differences
  • gender and jealousy
  • jealousy and culture
  • jealousy and ethnicity
  • jealousy and specific ethnic group name


Begin with a basic search and look at the subject heading and thesaurus list to gather more search terms.

Assignment Requirements

Citation Format: APA

Required Sources: Must cite at least 7 peer-reviewed research articles


Example Sources:

Articles Academic/Scholarly


Recommended Source: Purdue APA

Categories within Purdue to explore using the menu on the left side of the webpage:

  • APA Sample Paper
  • In-Text Citations: The Basics
  • In-Text Citations: Author/Authors
  • Reference List: Basic Rules
  • Reference Lists: Books
  • Reference lists: Electronic Sources


Navigate to the Find Books tab and use the library catalog search box. 

Search by:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Keyword
  • Theme


Connect to the catalog by viewing the books below:

  1. Click on the blue link or image to open the item record in the library catalog. Take note of the school location, call number, and status. 
  2. To find similar books, click on Catalog Record and look at the Subject Terms to see how the item was cataloged. 
  3. Click on the Subject Term to navigate to items cataloged with that term and view results. 

To begin a new search after viewing a book, click Search/Home on the top left bar.