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Wireless Printing: Resources


Option #1

Print through a Website

Print from any browser on any device: Macs, PCs, even smartphones & tablets. If you've got an Internet connection, you can send us a print job.

Enter an email address and upload your document, or enter the URL address of a webpage. Once you click Submit, you're ready to go! Just go to any of the five Print Stations in the LLRC, use the email to retrieve your prints, then pay and print!


Go to:



When to use: On computers & laptops, one-time print jobs, larger files.

When to switch: Emails, tablets & smartphones.



Freedom from cables and ports

No more using a flash drive to transfer prints onto a public computer, or e-mailing files to yourself. You can now print from your laptop, smart-phone, or tablet from anywhere inside the library.

But why stop there?

Our new software lets you send print jobs of almost any kind, from almost any device, from anywhere there's an Internet connection, and then pick them up right here.


Option #2

Print by Email

Need to print out an email or some attachments really quickly? Send your prints by email to the email address below:


You'll receive confirmation emails for each document sent, then just use your email address to pay & print at the Print Stations.



When to use: Emails & attachments.


When to switch: Larger files, computers & laptops .




Things to Know:

  • Print jobs can be delayed by large files or slow Internet connections.

Option #3

Print from an App

Do you want an easier way to print from your smartphone? Would you like to keep track of your printing history, print at other places, see maps, hours, and link to the print website or email options? Well, there's an app for that!

You can download the PrinterOn apps for these devices (click names to link):

iPhones & iPads
Android phones & tablets

Search for our printers, save them to your favorites, and start sending print jobs with a touch of your finger!


When to use: On tablets & smartphones, repeated print jobs.

When to switch: Larger files.


iPad, iPhone, Androids, and *some Nooks


Wondering what you can print?

Our service covers these common file types:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Adobe PDF
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG