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A side by side tutorial with instructions on the left and an active live window to perform the tasks on the right.



Skills for college success English, math, science, technology, career, computer skills, practice tests, and tutorials


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Citation Workshop Evaluation

Please complete this evaluation at the end of attending a citation workshop for APA, MLA, and CMS.

Library Workshop Recordings

Spring 2020

Eng 101 Triplett #17922


Eng 101 Triplett #17920


Eng 102 Triplett #21385



Dev Com 090 Khan #21209


Eng 101 Zamora #25920

Eng 102 Savard #19075


Eng. 101 Brown 25925

Eng. 101Y Brown - #24794 & 24795

Eng. 101 Grooms #17923

Spring 2020

MLA Citations


CMS Citations


APA Citations