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Department of Biology

"Learning to Be a Critical Thinker." Human Biology, Science , and Society.



World of Art

Student Tool Kit

Chapt. 1

Chapt. 2

Chapt. 3




"Allocation of Consumable Goods over Time: Speculation"

"Basis of Exchange"

"Costs and Production"



Math 123





Communication Studies

Interpersonal Communication, Ch. 1

Lecture notes


Philosophy 20

Ethics: Lecture Notes



“1959D,” from Art Since 1900: Modernism, Anti-modernism, Postmodernism.

“1968a” from Art Since 1900: Modernism, Anti-modernism, Postmodernism.

Benjamin, Walter. "The Work of Art in the Age of its Technological Reproducibility."

Bolton, Richard. “In the America East: Richard Avedon Incorporated,” from The Contest of Meaning.

Cotton, Charlotte. "Once Upon a Time." The Photograph as Contemporary Art.

Crimp, Douglas. “The Photographic Activity of Postmodernism,” from On the Museum's Ruins.

Crow, Thomas. “Profane Illuminations: The Social History of Jeff Wall.” from Modern Art in the Common Culture.

Greenberg, Clement. “Modern Painting."

Hamilton, Peter. “Representing the Social: France and Frenchness in Post-WarHumanist Photography,” inRepresentation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices.

part 1

part 2

Hariman, Robert, and John Louis Lucaites. "The Border of the Genre, Migrant Mother and the Times Square Kiss,” in No Caption Needed.

Kwon, Miwon. “Experience vs. Interpretation: Traces of Ethnography in the Works of Lan Tuazon and Nikki S. Lee,” from Site-Specificity: the Ethnographic Turn.

Read, Herbert. "A Concise History of Modern Painting."

Sontag, Susan. “America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly,” from On Photography.



Business Law Notes




History 11

Week 1 - Native Americans ppt pdf

Week 1, Day 2 ppt pdf

Week 3, Day 1 ppt pdf

Week 3, Day 2 ppt pdf

Week 4, Day 1 ppt pdf

Short Answer Response #1

Extra Credit Assignments

Essay Instructions

Essay Rubric

Works Cited Sample ppt pdf


History 19. Readings

Carpenter, Ted Galen. "Drug Gangs Winning the War for Mexico."

Cevallos, Diego. "Wal-Mart's Plans for Indigenous Areas Under Fire."

Dillon, Sam. "Kidnappings in Mexico Send Shivers Across Border."

Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. Black in Latin America.

Lacey, Marc. "Drug Violence Alters the Flow of Life in Mexico."

McKinley, Jr., James C. "No, the Conquistadors Are Not Back. It's Just Wal-Mart."

McNamara, Thomas E. "Déja Vu in Mexico."

"Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession." "In Mexico, Ambivalence on a Drug Law."

"Mexico's Fox Creates Stir by Flying Virgin Banner."

Smith, James F., and Mary Beth Sheridan.  "An End to the PRI Era -- and a Way of Life."

Uchitelle, Louis. "Nafta Should Have Stopped Illegal Immigration, Right?"


Map & Chart: Mexico 1824


History 43

Chapter II: Rain in a Sheepfold

Chapter IX: Race War in Los Angeles, 1850-1856, & Cow County Banditos

Chapter XV: The Second Generation, 1865-1890

from Pitt, Leonard. Decline of the Californios: A Social History of the Spanish-Speaking Californians, 1846-1890. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1966.

Nader, Helen. "The Spain that Encountered Mexico."

Schroeder, Susan. "The Mexico that Spain Encountered."

from The Oxford History of Mexico, ed. by Michael Meyer and William Beezley. 

"The Spanish Borderlands"

"Junípero Serra: Saint or Emissary of Empire"?

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo


"California's Mission System"

"The Fantasy Image of the Southwest"

from Mexican American Voices


"The Battle of the Alamo"

"The Texas Revolution"

"Anglo-Mexican Relations in Texas"

"The Texas Revolution: A Conflict of Culture?"

from Mexican American Voices


Castañeda, Antonia I. "Anglo American Stereotypes of Californianas."

Gonzalez. "La Tules of Image and Reality"

Otero, "Otero Remembers New Mexico, 1880"

Thompson, Jerry D. Vaqueros in Blue and Gray

Vallejo, Guadalupe, et. al. "Life in California Before the Gold Discovery."

Vargas, Zaragosa. Crucible of Struggle. "Mexican Americans in the Era of War and American Westward Expansion."

Vargas, Z. "Mexican Americans from the 1850s to the End of the Civil War."


Mesoamerica ppt pdf
Olmecs to Mayans ppt pdf

Week 3, Day 2 ppt pdf

Week 4, Day 1 ppt pdf


Study Guide for Exam 1

Short Answer Response

Rubric for Primary Source Analysis Paper

Essay Instructions

Extra Credit - Family History Assignment

Extra Credit - Film Assignment


History 44


Cosgrove, Stuart. "An Interpretation of the Causes of the Zoot Suit Wars."

Iber, Jorge. Latinos in U.S. Sports: A History of Isolation, Cultural Identity, and Acceptance.

Paz, Octavio. "The Pachuco and Other Extremes."

Ramírez, José A. To the Line of Fire: Mexican Texans and World War I.

Ruiz, Vicki I. "The Acculturation of Young Mexican American Women."

Gutiérrez, David G. "Chicano/a Historians and the Revision of Western History."

Saragoza, Alex M. "Recent Approaches to Chicano History."

Vargas, Z. "Mexican Americans in the Southwest: 1870 to the Early Twentieth Century."

Vargas, Z. "Mexican Immigration, Work, Urbanization, and Americanization."

Vargas, Z. "Mexican Mutualism and Fraternalism."


Study Questions: The Pachuco and Other Extremes



Biology 101

Connell, Joseph. "The Influence of Interspecific Competition and Other Factors on the Distribution of the Barnacle Chthamalus Stellatus."

Diamond, Jared. "The Island Dilemma: Lessons of Modern Biogeographic Studies for the Design of Natural Reserves."

Hutchinson, G.E. "Homage to Santa Rosalia, or Why Are There So Many Kinds of Animals"?

Kettlewell, H.B.D. "Selection Experiments on Industrial Melanism in the Lepidoptera."

Likens, Gene E. "Effects of Forest Cutting and Herbicide Treatment ..."

MacArthur, Robert H. "Population Ecology of Some Warblers of Northeastern Coniferous Forests."

Paine, Robert T. "Food Web Complexity and Species Diversity."

Pianka, Eric R. "Latitudinal Gradients in Species Diversity: A Review of Concepts."

Simberloff, Daniel S., and Edward O. Wilson. "Experimental Zoogeography of Islands: The Colonization of Empty Islands."