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Los Angeles Harbor College Library


.10 per black and white page

.25 per color page

Three Options to Send to the Printer

Options 1: Use a computer in the LLRC:

  1. File --> Print

  2. Student ID number

  3. Student email/canvas password


Option 2: Mobile Website

  1. In a browser, go to the mobile printing site.
  2. Select your files
  3. Enter your Student ID #
  4. Click Submit


Option 3: Mobile App

  • Install the ePRINTit app.
    1. Search the App Store or Google Play for "eprintit public"
    2. Find and install the "Public Print Locations" app
      ePrint public print locations


    3. Select your file(s) to print
    4. Click the Nearby pin

      ePrint it app nearby pin image

    5. Search: Harbor
    6. Select LACCD - Harbor College
      Search result in ePRINTit


    7. In the User Information box, please enter your Student ID number (not your name):

      ePrint It user information capture


At the Print Station

  1. Student ID number

  2. Student email/canvas password

Book drops outside the library are open 24/7.

Library Materials & Loan Periods

Books 28 days
Reference Books Library Use Only
Reserve Items 2 Hours - 2 Weeks
CDs & DVDs 3 Days - 2 Weeks





Checkout limits: Five books in each subject area and ten books total.

Renewing Materials

Items cannot be renewed.

You may personally go to the LACCD college that has the item and check it out with your LAHC student ID (excluding reserve and reference materials).

Loan Periods & Fines

Material Type Loan Period Overdue Fine Rate
Books (stacks - circulating) 28 Days No Fines (replacement cost if not returned)
Reserve 2 Hours - 2 Weeks $1.00/day
Text Book Reserve 2 Hours - 2 Weeks $0.50/hr.     $12.00/day

Book Return

  • Outside both library entrance/exit doors
  • Circulation Desk

A library hold will be placed on a student’s record for the following reasons:

  • Item(s) lost or damages
  • Item(s) not returned before a second overdue notice has been sent
  • Multiple item(s) overdue when the first notice is sent
  • Item(s) not returned by the end of the semester


Item Location

  • Common
    • Stacks: 2nd floor, circulating (available for checkout)
    • New Book: 1st floor, circulating
    • Reference: 1st floor, library use only
    • Reserve: 1st floor Circulation Desk, 2 hour - 2 week checkout
    • Being Cataloged: In the system but still being processed, temporarily not available
    • Cultural Equity: 2nd floor, circulating
    • Children’s: 2nd floor, circulating


  • Uncommon
    • ‚ÄčArchives: ask library staff
    • Atlas: 1st floor stands
    • Bindery: 2nd floor, library use only
    • Special Collections: 1st floor, circulation desk, 2 hour - 2 week checkout

TI-84 graphing calculators, TI-36X Pro scientific calculators, and TI-30XIIS scientific calculators can be borrowed for 3 days at a time from the library. 

Check availability ahead of time in OneSearch (found by searching TI-84, TI-36X or TI-30XIIS). Available on a first-come basis at the circulation desk.


TI-84 Plus CE


A graphing calculator for use in math (especially Elementary Statistics) and science courses.
Documentation: TI-84 Plus CE eGuide (Website)


TI-36X Pro calculator

An engineering or scientific calculator with an easy to use interface.  Ideal for algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and science courses.
Documentation: TI-36X Pro Manual  (PDF)



Description: A  scientific calculator with an easy to use interface.  Ideal for algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, and science courses.
Documentation: TI-30XIIS Reference Guide (PDF)

Locating your Student Email Address

  • Navigate to
  • Click on Quick Links
  • Click on SIS Login
  • Click on Mail-Outlook
  • Login using your credentials
  • Your student email will be listed in the area show below in green:

Your student email and Canvas account have the same password.


Available on the first floor of the library and Learning Resource Center (LLRC).

  • First come, first served
  • Student login required
  • Internet
  • Microsoft Office

Bring a USB Flash/Travel Drive to save your work, or save all your work to a Cloud account. The computers will not save any work to your desktop or documents folder. 

Please note: the computers, printers, photocopy machines, and circulation desk power-down 15 minutes before the LLRC building closes. 



LAHC offers free wireless (WiFi) access to all registered students, which requires the student login information. 

Click on the link below for additional information if needed.

WiFi Guide

When you click on any database link, you will be prompted to login.

For most databases, you will sign in with your SIS credentials (same as email, Canvas, and Zoom).
For some databases, you may still need to sign as described below, under "Phasing Out".


Databases login graphic


Phasing Out:


First three letters of your last name, first letter of your first name, and last four digits of your student ID number.

MMDD four digit birthdate (or whatever you changed it to)
Example: John Smith = smij0614

If you do not already have a login, please contact the 24/7 Ask-A-Librarian (chat box on the library homepage) or email

Your Library Account

You can access your library account here to view checkouts, place holds, and intra-library loans. 

Library, 2nd floor

HN First letters: The first letter of a Library of Congress call number indicates the general class the call number falls within. In our example, the book is located under H, which is where books on social sciences are classed. If there is a second or third letter, these indicate a specific subclass. HN indicates social history and conditions, social problems and social reform.

Numbers that follow the letters: The numbers define the subject of the book. The number 59 is referring to a book about a specific region or country in this case, America.


Cutter Number (the next set of numbers): The Cutter Number indicates the author or title of the book. It is taken from a table matching names or titles to a set of numbers. In our example, .T39 reflects the first word of the author, Taylor.

2014           Year number: The edition of a volume is the next part of the call number. The year of publication follows the Cutter number to indicate the edition. In our example, 2014 indicates that this edition was published in 2014.

Library floor plan, 2nd floor

Reserve a Study Room

Reserve the Presentation Practice Room

Study Rooms

  • Available for individual study. (Group study will resume after COVID protocols are lifted).
  • Must be reserved.
  • Each student must check-in individually with valid photo ID at circulation desk before entering the room.
  • For use only by current students and must be reserved using a valid email address.
  • NO food or drinks, besides water in a closed screw top bottle, are allowed in the study rooms.
  • Use only the whiteboard markers we assign.
  • Study rooms may be reserved up to 3 hours per group, with a 2-hour gap between reservations.
  • Choose a room that corresponds to your study group size.
  • Violation of these rules will result in loss of study room privileges for 4 weeks.

Presentation Practice Room

  • Located in LLRC 119.
  • The room is equipped with a podium, a large wall display screen and project that connects to your personal laptop or to the built-in PC, a white board and markers, and 5 tables with 4 chairs each. Dry-erase markers and erasers are available at the Circulation desk.

  • Reservations may be made online 2 weeks in advance and for up to 4 hours per week.

Conference Room

  • Available by reservation. Please contact
  • Located in LLRC 211.
  • 12 seat conference room with whiteboard.
  • All campus committees, ASO committees, and registered student clubs can book the room for meetings (not for studying or tutoring sessions). 
  • No food or drinks allowed, except for water bottles with screw-tops.

Mission & Outcomes

The LAHC Library mission is to provide appropriate information and learning resources and instruction in how to identify, locate, and evaluate such information and resources. These services play a major academic role as an extension of the classroom and are an integral part of the learning process.


Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending library instruction sessions, students will understand library classification and its relationship to location of materials within the library.

As a result of attending library instruction sessions, the student will be able to find periodical articles and monographs relevant to the topic he/she is studying.

As a result of attending library instruction sessions, the student will be able to identify bibliographic elements to use in reference lists conforming to standard citation guidelines.

As a result of attending library instruction sessions, the student will be able to evaluate information sources as relevant to their topics to use in reference lists conforming to standard citation guidelines.

Students will use a variety of sources to explore a topic in order to produce documented material directed to a specific audience.

You can drop in anytime but you can also make an appointment for a research or citation consultation.

Click on the picture below to make an appointment with a librarian!

Submit this form to request accessibility for a library item. 

The item will be emailed to the student in PDF format within 24 hours. 

If assistance is needed while completing this form, contact a librarian.

Accessibility Request Form




Suggest a Purchase

The library invites faculty, staff, and students to use this form to recommend books and other materials to add to our library collection. Every request will be considered.

Suggest a Purchase

Library and Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Online tutoring appointments and live tutors are available through the LRC website.

Located on the first floor of the Library and Learning Resource Center (LLRC) building. The LRC provides students with free tutorial and learning support services in select subject matter areas, as well as workshops related to study skills, research paper formatting styles, math, and navigating the Canvas learning platform.

  • High tech center for students with disabilities
  • Student computers
  • Literacy center
  • Math lab
  • Subject specific tutoring
  • Writing lab


LAHC offers free wireless (WiFi) access to all registered students, which requires the student login information. 

Click on the link below for additional information if needed.

WiFi Guide


Wi-fi available in West Parking Structure

Space is limited.

Sign-up here