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English: 101 - Amano-Tompkins, T. (Little Rock Central High School)

English 101 - College Reading and Composition I

English 101 is a reading and composition course designed to prepare students to handle a wide range of college writing assignments and to acquire the analytic skills necessary for effective academic preparation. Stress is placed on the organization and composition of objective expository and argumentative essays, including the research paper.



Recommended Search Terms

"Little Rock"

"Little Rock" AND Central High

"Little Rock" AND integration

Assignment Requirements

  1. This research paper should present a thesis that is specific, manageable, provable, and contestable—the thesis should offer a clear position, stand, or opinion that will be proven with research. You should analyze and prove your thesis using examples and quotes from a variety of sources.
  2. You need to research and cite from at least five sources. Also, you must use at least four different types of sources. One source must be from a Harbor College library database. One must be a book, anthology or textbook. One must be video of film footage. You must use material from one newspaper or magazine. At least one source must be from a credible website that is appropriate for academic use.
  3. The paper should not over-rely on one main source for most of the information. Rather, it should use multiple sources and synthesize the information found in them
  4. This paper will be approximately 2000 words in length, not including the Works Cited page, which is also required. The Works Cited page does NOT count towards length requirement.
  5. You must use MLA format for the document, in-text citations, and Works Cited page. We will review MLA rules in class.
  6. You must integrate quotations and paraphrases using signal phrases and analysis or commentary.
  7. You must sustain your argument, use transitions effectively, and use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  8. Your paper must be logically organized and focused.



Navigate to the Find Books tab and use the library catalog search box.


YouTube is a good source for primary source material. Be sure to check the source (the poster, the author, the producer), and try to cross-reference what else they may have posted.

Browse the web for credible secondary and primary sources. Use Google's domain search to construct your search. Example: little rock high school (site:edu OR site:gov)

Tip: Add "loc" to your search to draw out resources from the various Library of Congress collections (many of which have been digitized).