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Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Design: Research and Writing

Student Login Information


First three letters of your last name, first letter of you first name, and last four digits of your student ID number.


MMDD (4 digit birthdate) or whatever you changed it to. ‚Äč

Example: John Smith = smij0614

Access:  Computers, Printers, Photocopiers, Go Print, WiFi, & Off Campus Library Databases.

Student Success

Be Challenged, Be Curious, & Organize Your Thoughts!   

Identify Student Resources: library, counseling department, tutoring/writing center, clubs, and associations. LAHC Student Services

Be Prepared: start early by prepping for registering for classes, class materials, and assignments.

Create Connections: form study groups and build long lasting relationships with your peers. 

Office Hours: visit your professors during their office hours! Communicate your needs and concerns to clarify class assignments. 

Feedback: learn to provide and receive feedback from your peers, professors, and counselors; it is an opportunity to grow for everyone involved. 

Don't Give Up: talk to someone on campus before quitting (professor, counselor, or librarian), they can aid you in finding the recourses you need to make your academic experience successful!

Citation Style Guides

When writing an academic paper, research used to support claims must be cited properly, both in the text and in a Works Cited or Bibliography page. 

Your professor may assign a particular style guide for you to use or they may let you choose.  

Below are the most commonly used styles in interdisciplinary fields and STEM fields as well as links to related organizations..

APA--American Psychological Association 6th ed. (2010)

CMS--Chicago Manual of Style 17th ed. (2017)

MLA--Modern Language Association 8th ed. (2016)


Citation Guidelines from Professional Organizations

Quick Tip!

Keep track of the sources you use so it will be easier for you to create the appropriate citations!

Research Strategies

Begin your research by following these steps:

1. Identify a broad research topic and gather general information

  • Books, reference books, websites

2. Evaluate your sources

3. Narrow your topic (what do you want to focus on within the broad research topic?)

4. Identify main concepts

5. List keywords and synonyms

6. Create a thesis statement

7. Collect data

  • Search in the library databases using your main concepts and keywords/synonyms

8. Evaluate your sources 

9. Begin writing your paper

10. Cite your sources