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Psychology: 010 - Reigadas

Psychology 010 - Principles of Psychology

This course is an introduction to research design and statistical analysis for the behavioral sciences with a focus on the application of the philosophy of science and the scientific method. Students learn to design and conduct research, analyze data using descriptive and inferential statistics, and report results using the American Psychological Association format. The hands-on approach to this course exposes students to the challenges and skills involved in actively participating on a research team while conducting their own independent research projects.

Research Topic

1) Is the American Dream dead? (Survey research)

2) Constructive Memory, based on Loftus and Palmer classic experiment.

3) How does short-term memory work best, based on images or words? (experiment)

4) Attention and multi-tasking (quasi-experiment)

Assignment - Annotated Bibliography


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Assignment Requirements

Type: Essay / Group Project

Citation Format: APA

Required Sources: Academic/Scholarly Articles

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