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PrepSTEP & Canvas: How to Integrate PrepSTEP in Canvas

Step 1 - Install the PrepSTEP App in Canvas

1.  Login to Canvas.

2.  Click on Settings from the main navigation menu.

3.  Click on the Apps Tab.

4.  Click on View App Configurations. 


5.  Click on View App Center


6.  Input the required information on the Add App form then click on Submit (you may copy and paste from here):

Configuration Type: Manual Entry

Name (choose according to your assignment/course):

  • LEX Math & Science
  • LEX English
  • LEX College Success
  • LEX Career Preparation
  • LEX Placement Test Preparation
  • LEX Grad School Admissions Preparation
  • LEX Recursos Para Hispanohablantes


Consumer Key: email for this

Shared Secret: email for this

Launch URL:


Custom Fields (choose accordingly):

Subject Copy and paste this part only
Math & Science center=coremathandscienceskillsreview 
English center=coreenglishskillsreview 
College Success Skills


Career Preparation center=careerandworkplaceprep
Placement Test Preparation center=placementtestprep 
Grad School Admissions Preparation


Recursos Para Hispanohablantes center=recursos-para-hispanohablantes 


Step 2 - Create the Assignment and link to PrepSTEP

1.  Click on Assignments from the main navigation menu.

2.  Click +Assignment create an assignment.

3.  Input your components as usual for the assignment.

  • Submission Type - select External Tool
  • Click on Find, select LEX Math & Science (choose according to your subject), click Select

4. Click Save & Publish.


5. This screen confirms the app was successfully linked:



6.  Select the appropriate options from the drop down menu(s) and navigate/filter to the desired item.

  • You may filter by selecting/deselecting the options for Tests, Tutorials, and eBooks.

7. Preview the item to insure it will be a good fit for the assignment.

  • Remember, the test will be in Practice Mode but the timer will not be enforced.

8.  This message will appear after you select a test, tutorial, or eBook:



9. If desired, you may use Student View to preview the assignment.