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English: 101 - Brown

English 101 - College Reading & Composition I

English 101 is a reading and composition course designed to prepare students to handle a wide range of college writing assignments and to acquire the analytic skills necessary for effective academic preparation. Stress is placed on the organization and composition of objective expository and argumentative essays, including the research paper.


Choose a topic that interests you.

In the beginning of your research paper process, your topic can be general. However, after you complete some research, you should be able to narrow your topic and perhaps develop a preliminary thesis. In choosing a suitable topic, ask yourself the following questions:

a. Is there enough material on my topic?
b. Do I have time to contact and collect all the sources I need?
c. Will I be able to narrow this topic for the pages required?
d. Will I be able to develop a thesis?
e. Is this topic interesting enough to work on for the rest of the semester?

Research Review

Navigate to the library homepage:

Search All - search the library catalog and databases at the same time.

Databases - search for database by name or view the A-Z list for database descriptions

Periodicals - search for a specific periodical (journals, magazines, newspapers) by name or view them grouped by subject. 

Research Guides - search for your course and view the research guide


Refine your results using the menu on the left side of the search results page. 

  • Change the publication date range if needed


Do you need ideas on where to take your research, how to narrow your topic, or what to focus on?

  • Explore the Subject Terms by clicking Show More

Assignment Requirements

Type: Essay

Length: 4-7 pages , not including works cited page.

Citation Format: MLA

Required Sources: 3 sources

Example Sources:

Articles Academic/Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine
Books Print, eBook, Reference
Media Video, Audio, Image
Miscellaneous Personal Interview
Websites Credible, authoritative, educational, data-rich. (Wikipedia excluded)